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Is it getting away from you?

After a big night out some drugs can take days or even weeks to get of your system. ‘Coming down’ off drugs might make you feel confrontational, aggressive or paranoid, or dizzy, tired or vague. Or you might feel completely fine and think you’re safe to go to work. But even small levels of drugs in your system can impair your ability to react and think straight. On a construction site this can be fatal.

Or perhaps it’s not big night outs causing you problems, but a longer-term trend. A couple of beers used to be enough but now you have to drink a lot and more often more for the same buzz. And it’s starting to affect your relationships, work and family. See if you recognise the signs that things are starting to get away from you.

Get support

Sharing the load with someone will help. See Drugs or Alcohol Not at Work’s directory for skilled, trained counselors around the country. Go to Support.

You can also visit the Policies page to find out more about workplace policies concerning drug and alcohol use.