The ‘Drugs or Alcohol Not at Work’ campaign is an initiative of the CFMEU in partnership with Incolink.

The current campaign was launched in 2012, building on the CFMEU’s long and proud record of being an OHS leader through addressing drug and alcohol issues for its members.

Building and construction is a high risk industry where the misuse of alcohol and other drugs may increase the likelihood of accidents or injury. Drugs or Alcohol Not at Work was set up to raise awareness among construction workers and to link them with local drug and alcohol support and recovery services.

The health, wellbeing and safety of Australian construction workers is our priority.

We have a number of resources freely available for training purposes, such as the following two films:

Just Not At Work Mate

Just Not at Work Mate is available in a 24 min full length version or 12 minute induction length version. This film addresses the Building and Construction Industry Drug and Alcohol Policy and its implementation on site. It was produced by the Building Trades Group in Sydney.

The Night Before

The Night Before is 17 min long and produced especially for young apprentices coming into the industry. Please note this trailer contains some offensive language and the use of drugs.